Thursday, 19 July 2018

How does Tonia's Mum, Victoria, celebrate her birthday...?

By setting up a raffle of donated artwork, of course, to go towards the funds for her daughter's return to the UK! The raffle started a couple of days ago on Victoria's birthday on the 17th of July and will run for 10 days and will be drawn on 27th July 2018 using a random number generator.

The raffle is running using a small lotteries licence purchased specifically for Tonia's Journey fundraising and is valid in the UK only. We've successfully used this method before.

Here's the link to the raffle page over at Justgiving. All monies will go direct to Just4Children on behalf of Tonia's Journey.

What are the six prizes?

The first item is by the wonderful British artist Hayley Reynolds and is part of her popular inspired Confetti Fields collection.
Confetti Fields, Hayley Reynolds
Next up are four gorgeous photographs of delightful scenes, all framed and mounted. I'm afraid our little internet snapshots don't really do them justice!

Photo of the sky is 'Crisp Spring day on the Moors above Settle, North Yorkshire' (photographer: Geoff Turner).
Crisp Spring Day on the Moors above Settle, North Yorkshire. Geoff Turner.
The water is 'River Greta below Latrigg, Cumbria' (photographer: Irene Beston).
River Greta below Latrigg, Cumbria. Irene Beston.
The trees and hill are 'Autumnal View across to Roseberry Topping, Cleveland' (photographer: Joe Cornish).
Autumnul View Across to Roseberry Topping, Cleveland. Joe Cornish.
The road through the trees is Bridge of Balgie, Glenlyon (photographer: Jason O'Flynn)
Bridge of Balgie, Glenlyon. Jason O'Flynn.
 The final piece of art is called "Traveller’s Joy" and is a beautiful oil painting of a Clematis (common name Traveller’s Joy). This has been donated by artist Victoria Edwards of Fugly Manor Art and is hand signed. It is mounted in a contemporary black frame.

Traveller's Joy. Victoria Edwards.
How do I buy a ticket?

This bit is straightforward. Each ticket is £2. Simply make a donation on this page. When you make your donation, please make sure you include your name and contact details and which picture/s you'd like your tickets against. Winners will be contacted and also announced via Twitter and Facebook.

Why is Victoria doing this?

Victoria's daughter, Tonia, has completed her first tranche of surgery in Barcelona and has started her rehabilitation. She now needs to get home to Eckington. Tim, the volunteer paramedic and Sandra, a volunteer nurse are flying out this week to Barcelona to prepare the ambulance for the road journey. The team will then drive back to Eckington. This raffle is to fund the costs of this leg of Tonia's Journey.

Please do buy a ticket. We still have a long way to go to cover Tonia's medical costs.

Many thanks and good luck!

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